All Work Shining Reference Poster
Poor Jack has gone all stir crazy stuck in the giant haunted hotel and I really just wanted to express his rage and frustration with going totally batshit crazy.
Done as a personal project. The "Here's Johnny" still from the film has been restyled as a rough stencil. I took some liberties to make a more detailed stencil than the original and it actually functions as a stencil, too. The text was just laid out with some "random" mistakes included in a photoshop layer in the American Typewriter font and I used a blurred and heavily mottled layer mask (clouds, difference clouds a few times times (fibers work, too), then dust and scratches a little bit, then gaussian blur about 5px, then add 5-10% gaussian, monochrome noise - makes the mask rougher), then put a bit of mangled paper below (made several adjustments), added a fill layer set to color to give the brown paper look more depth then added the larger wording at odd angles and varied color, mask (mostly just noise), layer mode, etc. Total time: about 4 hours (including a couple runs to the copy shop).
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