Marana Sunset Shoot
Photo shoot organized by Arizona Photo Events and took place in a park near a farm in Marana, Arizona. The shoot was intended to do some great sunset stuff.
Marana Sunset Shoot (July 2015)
I have been more and more involved with the local photography scene including connecting with models, makeup and hair artists, and other photographers. The big concern was having time and money for these types of shoots. However, I have been running on a reduced budget for months now and, even though I may not have the capital I'd like for these projects, I have been slowly getting back into things. 
My long-time, standby camera lenses have been a Sigma 18-80mm zoom and a Canon 18-55 kit lens that came with my very old Canon T2i. Sadly, both lenses have now died within weeks of each other. It't the writing on the wall: time to get some new glass. On the other hand, it is really quite reasonable to rent lenses instead. Since I don't use them all the time, I really just need a good zoom lens (say around 20mm to about 80mm, preferably with a solid f-stop of 2.8 or lower, but 4 might be more in my price range), my copious prime lenses, and then I will likely just rent lenses for professional gigs. There is a beautiful Canon I love to rent from BorrowLenses which looks neat and works like a dream. Sadly, at over $1800, it's a little out of my price range for now, but I can rent it for a week for about $150 which is great for me.
The Shoot
This photo shoot was a lot of fun to do. It was a free event set out in the farmland far north and west of Tucson in Marana. The area was nothing but farm land and then a small park which was where we shot. Started at 6 pm and ran until about 9. We had three models (Jamie, Lilly, Carol and Kitty). Unfortunately, Kitty didn't show up until later, but she did show and I got some great photos. This event was put together by Arizona Photo Events.
So I'm really bummed I didn't get more good pictures of Caron here. Ran into a seemingly endless array of technical issues from the lens failing to focus to the flash failing to fire and the camera battery ran out mid-shot. Not sure what I missed. ISO 100 : f4.0 : 1/200." Photoshop and Camera Raw processing to bring out the shadow detail and knock down the background and boost the beautiful highlights around the edges.
Jamie has such a pretty smile. I managed to get her to smirk a little here. I think that little smirky smile sells the photo and she looks almost playful.
Nice portrait. ISO 100 : f2.5 : 1/3200"
This is Jamie. A little shy and self-conscious. Comes off as a bit demure. Love this portrait. ISO 100 : f6.3 : 1/320"
Nice, candid portrait of Jamie here. ISO 1600 : f5.6 : 1/500"
Jamie again. Added a little bit of bright to the shadow areas and improved contrast and added a warm "vintage" look. ISO 100 : f2.5 : 1/1600" (a little short)
Gotta be one of my personal favorites. Love her expression and I love the composition. This shot is mostly uncropped.
I think I just cut the bottom left out a little. ISO 3200 : f5.6 : 1/400"
Lilly here has a nice, natural beauty. She's wearing clothes designed by Jamie. ISO 400 : f4.5 : 1/200"
I liked working with Kitty. She showed up a little late, but I still took advantage of the light and got some nice photos in both dresses. She looks very coy and pretty natural in this one. Love the "skull flowers" on her dress. ISO 160 : f2.5 : 1/60"
I may want to try bumping up the saturation a little just to pop the dress and her hair, but I like the composition and her dog was there to help, too. This photo really gives her a classic Hollywood look. ISO 800 : f2.5 : 1/160"
One of my favorite photos of her. Again: more of that classic beauty look to her. I did bump contrast, saturation, and made a few small adjustments to tweak. ISO 640 : f2.5 : 1/80"
Jamie and Lilly. The sun has set and it was time to work with the various strobes all us photographers had taken.
They were almost literally in the dark for these shots. ISO 100 : f4.0 : 1/125" with flash.
This photo and the next are more from the magical land of shooting blindly in the dark with moving models and a mysterious concrete foundation in the middle of some farm land. I find the candid pose and expression looks better than a more static, posed shot. ISO 100 : f5.6 : 1/125" with TTL flash.
Jamie is actually just about an inch off the ground on her way down to the ground. Again: curiously candid as her glorious locks of hair seem to be jumping or floating. ISO 100 : f5.6 : 1/125" with flash.
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