Poison Ivy Escapes Arkham Poster
Poison Ivy Escapes is more about developing my skills as a professional illustrator and artist than about the final, but, still, this one was a huge victory for me and one of the most complex designs I've done in Illustrator. Very happy.
So this one is one of my favorites. It shows I'm improving my digital illustration skills. This one was done almost entirely in Adobe Illustrator (CC 2014). The illustration represents Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) from the DC comic book universe finally escaping from Arkham Asylum. Now completely mad (enjoy). I've depicted her here wearing her beloved botanicals, causing all manner of planty goodness to ensue. The flower seemed to take forever, but it's good for this image. The model's face was based on Veronic Lake, the hard-hitting femme fatale from the film noir days (she had a most disappointing end and I think Hollywood chewed her up and spit her out)  and the body is based on Rachel Welch. For me I really tried to work on layered colors to cause the foreground to pop and the background to recede. Available for sale here on Etsy.
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