Tucson Location Scout June 15, 2012
I spent most of Friday running all over Tucson looking for likely locations for some upcoming glamor and special project photos and videos. Most of the pictures are pretty dull – very technical and clinical since they are designed to show me just the information I need – like where the specific location is in a park. I like parks partly because they are “free,” but also because they are well-kept, do not require a location release, and many are really unusual and unique. Some of my favorites are Reid Park, Abraham Lincoln Park, Udall Park, and the walkways at Speedway and Kolb (behind Lowes) and right by my house at Golf Links and Pantano Parkway.
Reid Park Gateway/Door
Rose Test Garden - Reid Park, Tucson, AZ
Boat on Water - Lake in Reid Park, Tucson, AZ
Palm Trees, Himmel Park, Tucson, AZ
Red Rose at the Reid Park Rose Test Garden, Tucson, AZ
  Diamondback Bridge (South End Looking North), Iron Horse Park, Tucson, AZ
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