White Chocolate and Cigarettes, "The Standard" Video
This video came out of the April Fools Fest, April 1, 2011 at Tucson's Sculpture Resource Center. I have a way of getting involved with the wierdest of events. Anyhow, made this video from the audio output and the many hours of footage we were able to cull from this fundraiser.
So I'm kinda new to Behance and Prosite still so I'm finding projects I haven't documented all over the place and when I found out I could use this for my website instead of having to build it all constantly, I jumped. 
This was part of a much larger project for the April Fool's Fest - April 1, 2011 at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson just off stone. I'm friends with a few of the folks there and they asked if we could shoot this. We had professional audio recorded by Jim Waters here in Tucson and it's absolutely amazing. Hopefully, this will have more to come.
The video consists of a variety of shots by 4 different roving videographers (myself included) for the April Fool's Fest fundraiser for the Sculpture Resource Center (April 1, 2011 at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson). We made hundreds of tiny LED stickies which are basically a battery, a magnet and an LED and tape. People love throwing them at the metal in the building (and they put more sheet metal up to provide magnet-friendly surfaces). We had volunteers and such all over the place and managed to raise some good money for the cause. The audio was from the master recording and was mixed down by Peter J. Gorritz. I did the final edit in Apple Final Cut Pro 6. Original is 1080P30, but the web version is 720P30 for speed.
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